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My Cats I've Adopted :3 (Not for Sale!) by OnigiriA My Cats I've Adopted :3 (Not for Sale!) by OnigiriA

Reuploaded as they all now have names ^^

Here are all my cats so far! I know there are so many, but be assured they all have a home in Onigiri's Mansion, a place I created for all my characters to live in. Because even though they may not be real, they still deserve somewhere nice to say. Some information about Onigiri's mansion:


Each small cat room has a litter box, food and water bowls, a bed and any toys they may buy. Some of the younger kittens live up to 4 others in slightly bigger rooms, and when they grow they get the opportunity to live separately. The bigger rooms have the same as the smaller rooms, but times the number of kittens there.

There are also rooms for cats who are couples.

There are many cat flaps and a huge garden area in which the cats can play, it's covered and waterproof so cats can play in all weathers.

Also, the main room has multiple cat stands and such, but if they want luxuries privately, they have to buy them. Onigiri hosts events in which the cats can find the money to buy from the shop. And there are many left around for cats to find, with new money being dropped daily.

Also, Onigiri refers to the cats as the number of which she bought them. Although they have other names.

Also, all of the cats have the ability to talk and turn somewhat human, with cat ears and tails.

 AerithsAdopts - Spirit Kit, Mallow Kit, Sleepy Kit, Crab Kit, Sharp Kit, Moon Kit, Mouse Kit, Twilight Kit, Sparkle Kit, Glitter Kit, Mask Kit, Glimmer Kit, Pale Kit, Spotted Kit, Raccoon Kit, Frost Kit, Rising Kit, Coal Kit, Spiced Kit, Drop Kit, Light Kit, Rat Kit, Maple Kit, Frozen Kit, Snow Kit, Mixed Kit, Smudge Kit, Galaxy Kit, Patch Kit, Mirror Kit, Diamond Kit, Sun Kit, Milky Kit, Chocolate Kit, Blood Kit, Squid Kit, Lake Kit, Running Kit, Patch Kit, Ruby Kit 

XBiggiX : Love, Jewel, Jett, Sunny, Cleo, Silver, Sapphire, Bailey, Scarlett, Indigo, Storm, *Un-named cat*, Misty, Oliver, Plus some new un-named Cats :3 

Satoa123 : Swirly, Spots, Pink, Blacky, Pinky, Socks, Bluebell, Rainbow, Spotty

iNsAnE-nEkOs : Google +, Tumblr, Twitter, Yahoo, Echo, Haze, Zippy, Ghost, Moon, Glow, Garry

godSnake-adopts : Patch and Stripy 

Nijipop : BlueHeart, Lilace, Freckles, Bean, Cube, Tofu, Wishery, Sherly, Devil, Princess 

EmberPikaArtist : Duke and David Jr

Fran6195 : Lilac, Sammy, Belle

xFoxlanx : Chi and Angel

ASHannemarie : Flame

nekokitsune666 : Christmas

VelkAdopts : Whiskers

AwesomeAngel2468 : Spotty 

Z-Love : Un-named cat

Nicolelelers : Amethyst, Fuchsia, Lavender, Mauve, Grape, Orchid, Plum 

codesneezes : Oreo

WolfgirlsAdopts : Buttercup Kit, Marsh Kit

TheExoticCheese : Mimi

SwarThylacine-Adopts : Sushi-Chan, Antonio, April

ForeverFluffyAdopts : Diamond, Sugar, Sunrise, Sunset, Sooty, Aqua, Sparkle, Doctor Pepper

FlaaffysTaffyAdopts : Astraea, Aloha, Anika, Aika, Alpha, Antoinette

Ivon-adopts : Kermit and Argos

Muffycake : Sasha, Almonds, Lucy, Peaches, Lime, Iris 

TheHatterAdopts : Cinnamon, Rose, Disco, Azure, Pumpkin, Maroon, Flower

moshi65308 : Shamrock, Merry, Mitzi, Pompom, Skittles, Sonia, Paisley, Doughnut

Nahemii-chan : Basil, Aphrodite, Shelly, Spaggy, Dr Fabulous the 2nd, Rudy, Mr Pumpkin, Soccer-Chan, Noel, Ivy, Holly, Zed, Smaug, Cream-puff, Mocha, Rave, Kiwi, Bandit, Emma, Carmen  

nekokitsune666 : Bonnie, Bianca, Nutmeg, Spice

Kismisprits : Pepper

PumpkinPawz : Tinsel

Kenzaina : Pirate, Blossom, Mint

GlaringStar018 : Alaska, Blur, Sprinkles, Lady, Costa, Flare 

AetherAdopts : Buttons, Maisy, Marbles

Reiko-Desu : Berry

Foxface-x3 : Donner

Bweeka : Milk

ChuChuKitty : Dancer, Prancer, Blitz, Comet, Dasher, Cupid

x3Lynnx : Cherry, Poptart, Olive, MELON! Rosa, Jasmyn, Magic, Trixie, Bloo

LiticaHarmony Peanut Butter, Jelly

MeredithIsAwesome : Candyfloss, JellyBean, Pepsi, Nugget

MagikBanana : Ice, Golden, Jello, Diamond Princess

TambaCat : Pekoe, Zink

cherciel : Ali, Alice, Alicia, Fruity, Olympia

kumikoC : Magenta, Yuki

violet2560 : Apple, Ashy, Brandy, Butterfly, Gingersnap

MPCB - Shadow, Bagel, Cheesecake, Ralph, Monica, Chestnut

rocandrol - Chika, Ayaka, Airi

GlaringStar018 - Grey, Blond, Aero, Lemon, Boston, Ao, Bittersweet, Celeste, Lila, Champagne, Miller, Beau, Amber, Auburn, Bone, Amazon, Crimson, Copper, Blueberry, Barbie, Asparagus, Coconut, Chrome, Apricot, Cyber, Aquamarine, Avocado, Cosmo, Cosmic, Canary 

Feralx1 - Pascal, Mia, Momiji, Hana, Ran, Ren, Sakura, Kiko, Reika, Oka, Sayuri, Mio

mishkawolf - Gin, Tonic, Melody, Harmony, Tune, Tiger, Saffron, Roxy, Charlie, Oscar,

oOYoyoOo - Raspberry, Coffee

TrainerEvelyn : Ayame, Cupcake, Red Boots 

toukitty : Shortcake, Radioactive, Sakura Lace, Mossy Forest

pechitoast : Kiki, Pixie, Cherub

Erairety : Ace, Aldo, Abacuss, Vincent, Twiggy, Orbis, Omega, Oxford

EmoUnicornGoesRawr : Bambi, Basco, Bashful, Bek

JennyLilyAdopts : Arriba, Lolly, Android, Aquarius, Askot, Artic, Hershey, Homer, Inky, Kansas, Iggy, Levi, Lexis, Liberty, Lorenzo, Lopez, Macy, Marco

LoveMoonspirit : Axel, Baffu, Augustus, Avalanche

missfiremoon : Chewie, Casper, Ebony, Eclipse, Conan, Dazzle, Dakota, Delphi, Elsa, Effie, Fifi, Ferris, Fido, Fida, Cheerio, Caster, Brie, Blu, Caddy, Bianco, Bishop

ToastyToasters : Ambrosia, Amico 

Purr-Adopts : Anastasia, Annie 

TwinkleToez1421 : Flicker, Flutie, Fresca, Gamma, Foster, Gretta, Fonzie 

ponyportal : Isis, Marmite

CheetahFurTheAwsome : Badges, Alfonso, Baggins, Atilla, Aura, Aqua, Benji

Larkflame : Boswell, Cassidy, Candie, Carmel, Caro, Dixie, Diaz, Doodle, Dutchess, Doogle, Autumn, Austin

Lord-Bananaa : Tara

Guswls : Admiral, Aladdin, Bubblegum 

WaffleToaster : Treacle

bunifu : Kerby, Herbie 

ShadowLightArtist : Commission of Jonny

rhyfs : Commission of Sherly and Jonny

TrainerEvelyn : Icon of Sherly

mishkawolf : Gift drawing of Oscar, Charlie and Roxy 

Fran6195 : Gift drawing of David and Duke Jr

Icevia : Commission of Twitter, Tumblr, and Google +

Larkflame: Commission of David Jr, Sherly, Devil, Magic, Trixie 

Jengogirl : Icon of David and Duke Jr

A clearer picture of each adopt are in my Favourites marked under Adopted Cats :3 Thank you :) 

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woah that's a lot! where do you get the points/money for them? have you adopted any more after these? <XD
OnigiriA Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Yeah x3 Oh, I save up my money to afford them :3 
In my is all my cats apart from offspring and newer ones :3
JadeStarzz Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
this is a good idea :O so many cats though o.o i have....well id say alot, but compared to this i have a XP
OnigiriA Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
Thanks ^^ yep, and I have more x3 may I see your cats? 
Akeela-Quill Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student General Artist
After seeing this... I may just do a collage like this of all the cats I have adopted... X'D
OnigiriA Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Awesome ^^ How many have you adopted? :)
Akeela-Quill Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Uhhhhhh about 237. X'D
Not to mention the ones I've made myself. ^w^
OnigiriA Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
Wow! X3 
I don't even know how many I have... 300+ 
Akeela-Quill Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Student General Artist
Yaaaa you got me beat. X3
OnigiriA Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
I can't even count them x3
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